People ask me "'what was it like to be a Raiderette"?
...so I put together a page to answer all the questions I'm most commonly asked and some fun facts too:

How long did you cheer for the Raiders?
I cheered 2 years in Los Angeles and 1 year in Oakland (They flew us back and forth the first year back up in Oakland)

Why did you quit?
When the team moved back up to Oakland, we pretty much had to quit. They needed the girls to be from the area.

Couldn't you move up there?
Well most of our careers and family are in the L.A. area

How much money do you make as a Raiderette?
We were the highest paid in the league at $60 a game, I think it's a little more now. We did make extra money doing appearances and selling our merchandise, but we cheered for the love of the game and the Raiders.

How often do you practice?
3 times a week, usually 2 weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Do you get to travel with the team?
No, all cheerleaders cheer at their home arenas only, unless it's Super Bowl, the American Bowl or the Pro Bowl

Have you ever cheered any of those?
I've cheered at the American Bowl in Barcelona, Spain for the 1994-1995 season, with the Denver Bronco Girls

How was that?
Spain was awesome! We got to see some amazing locations, and meet wonderful people. It definitly was a lot of hard work with practices and appearances every day in tempertures well over 100 degrees, but it was well worth it.

What do you miss the most?
I think most of all, is just being around all the girls, and the dancing. I miss all the spiffs we got around town being part of the Raiderettes.

Do you still talk with the other girls?
Yeah, I have a group of girls that I talk to daily, and a lot of the girls we try and get together as much as possible or on special occasions.
I also still work with some of the girls coordinating a promotional dance troupe called the "Dream Team Dancers"
Check out the site www.dreamteamdancers.com

Here's some pics from my Raiderette days

raiders_card raider2_lrg raider1_sm Raider3_lrgrader_group2 rader_grp1