Here's some clips of my famous background featured work and other fun clips.
I'm such a dork.

Have more coming

Here's my clips from the TV show Las Vegas. I have tons of footage helping with a heist. This was a blast.

Here's a clip of me on "CSI: Miami" catching a cab which just aired 3/16/09. They've used this footage in a bunch of episodes, Love it. Wish I got paid each time they used it.

My clip on Desperate Housewives, I got to kiss Adrian Pasdar from Heroes, woo hoo.

I'm the blonde cheerleardear in the tunnel scene, more impressive on the big screen

One of my scenes in "Race to Witch Mountain" (1:08 in) I'm the groupie with Danny Gans (This was his Cameo in the movie & he was so nice to us on the set - RIP)

Here's a small clip from the news cast of the "Raiderettes Reunion of the Decades", I'm shaking my thing at the end.

I'm "Miss Prolong" in this infomercial clip.

I'm "Miss Prolong" in this clip. I'm the flag girl and trophy girl. I can't believe I actually had to do this, too funny.